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About us

After looking at alternatives

Our journey began in 2016

SAN MARTIN is a young brand. Founded in 2016 by a veteran, Mr.Liao JiaMing. From the identity of the original watch enthusiasts to the road of watchmakers. The original concept of making watches is to make our own style of watches with reference to foreign niche brands, and the niche style pays more attention to quality. 

At the beginning of the establishment of the SAN MARTIN brand in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, the team had only three people. Mr.Liao (Founder) went to the factory to study the watch making process, eat and live in the factory, learn the drawings with the engineers, go to the workshop to learn the steps of processing the case, go to the hands and the dial factory to visit the learning process. After half a year of hard work, the first bronze diving watch was completed by the end of 2016. And received the support and recognition of some friends in the domestic forum, followed by the launch of the new bronze diving watch and bronze pilot watch. 

In 2017, SAN MARTIN moved to Dongguan City, because there are more watch production and processing factories, which are convenient for supervising product quality, recruiting domestic senior watch engineers, and cooperating with Chongqing University Watch Design Institute to develop and design. Choose Damascus materials to make watches, and in 2018 produce the first Damascus watch in the domestic brand. More and more contact with high-end processing plants, we know that some high-end brand watches in Switzerland and Germany are also domestic processing, so we are more confident in making high-quality watches, we can do it!

Today, SAN MARTIN has developed dozens of models of watches, and applied for 8 independent design patents and 2 new practical patents for watch structure. SAN MARTIN insists on making high-quality watches. Through the efforts of the whole team, after a few years, it has attracted a group of loyal fans at home and abroad, and has a certain popularity in the domestic watch market. In early June 2019, our only official store is launched, and now we can provide better service to customers!

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